Season 1, Chapter 7

At this point, we were living with each other for a good several months. Latisha was out of high school already. Thank goodness for that. I spent some memorable nights calling her on the phone and giving her advice on how to deal with mean girls and the like. And I had always visited her, but she never got to see my house because she was always busy with school or far too tired to travel the distance to my portion of Willow Creek.

Finally since she was out, I invited her over. This would be the first time Major and Allie meet my little sis! I didn’t expect them to do anything more than say ‘hi’ and then leave me (and her) alone, like they usually do. For a while, I often felt like they weren’t my close friends, even though Allie was pretty decent. Even Major didn’t really do anything that should have bothered me. But all we ever did was all say ‘Hello!’, ‘Good morning!’, ‘Good night!’ They were really more like co-workers I sort of had to deal with at work. You don’t really care a great deal about them (or at least not me). You just said basic things to them because it’s polite.

That’s what it felt like. I didn’t feel close to either of them. I felt like I was just “dealing” with them, through the fast-moving, repetitive motion of daily life.


Work was the biggest contributing factor to my daily life. Except for my odd days I was off, which included Thursday and Sunday and sometimes Tuesday (basically only the days that my blogger I assisted wanted to come into work). I remember how often I was not contributing to the writing portion at all, even though I was supposed to do editing and grammar check and critiquing it with a detailed explanation of the public’s perspective, not even my own.

What I had been forced to do instead was jockey around like a useless person doing all of my blogger’s stupid chores, like grabbing coffee…. Filing… making phone calls… Well, eventually I had the courage to ask my manager to give me a different blogger to assist and I got one within a month or so. Now I did all the things I’m supposed to do.

Furthermore, after a couple weeks of that they couldn’t fill an additional blogger spot so they even gave that to me for now. It’s only a temporary position but I’m really hoping they let me keep it. I rather enjoy the work! Sometimes, it was stressful though.


I remember coming home from work one time and actually feeling like I connected to one of my roommates for a second. It wasn’t even with Allie – even though Allie listens to me when I vent about work, it’s more like she’s just sort of fake-listening and giving me answers I want to hear. She acts like she really cares, but it feels like she doesn’t. There’s a mental barrier between us.

It was Major. I had come home from work really upset one day. I walked through the door thinking of nothing else but work, and then I looked up and I saw him. He was the only one home. He usually acknowledged when I walk in the door but would only give an underwhelming ‘Hey’ and immediately go back to what he was doing, not giving me another glance.


It was this time he just held his gaze with mine. For a good several seconds. He didn’t say anything; he just actually didn’t turn away after seeing me for the first time. I must have looked really upset, I’m sure he was confused. But it seemed like he was genuinely curious what was wrong with me. I appreciated that. But I didn’t even say anything to him at all. I simply walked up the stairs and that was it for the rest of the day.


Still, to my surprise Major and Allie were really interested when Latisha came over to visit. “Hi!! I’m Allie, and this is Major.” Both of them were beaming.

“I’m Latisha,” my sister said sweetly.

“It’s really cool to finally meet Alisha’s sister. And I really like how your names go together!” Instead of going back to what they were doing after they met her, Allie and Major joined us in having a long conversation and watching TV and all of it!


We laughed, took pictures, and all had a great time that night.

“I can’t believe you guys are sisters,” Allie squealed. “Get closer together, let me see.”

Major commented, “Yeah, wow, I really can’t tell that those two are sisters. Except for the mouth. That’s all, they look so different… wow.” While me and Latisha were laughing at something on my phone, I could still hear Major continue, “Wow, wow, wow, I can’t believe it.”


It felt kind of good to be honest. Not in a romantic way, as I didn’t have a crush on him or anything. It was just like, thanks for finally caring a little about my personal life.

I met eyes with him and he smiled directly at me.

A couple of weeks after that, Latisha got married. Before high school ended apparently, she met somebody online and was really adamant about being together. Neither of them had any trouble deciding that at all. Then she was immediately pregnant with her first child. I felt really old. I mean, I was already out of high school for quite a while, and I wasn’t really doing anything spectacular let alone meet someone yet.


I visited her and Marc (her husband) in their new starter home far often than usual now, and gratefully I got to see my parents more often too since they were helping Latisha around the house a lot while Marc was at work. It was a really pleasant atmosphere. It felt good to finally be around family again, more than ever before, now that Latisha was having a baby. I missed my family. This really brought everyone close.

And for a little while, I was happy. I thought, everything’s pretty good.


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