Season 1, Chapter 5


One of my only separate social exchanges I had with Major was when I found out he wore glasses. I said, ‘Since when do you wear glasses?’ and he answered, ‘I always did. I only wear them at night, I hate glasses. I wear my contacts instead.’

I thought, wow, I like the glasses better though.

On the other hand, he and Allie talked all the time. It came so simply to them.


“…Yeah, I lived pretty close to Willow Creek where I’m from,” Allie was saying at the dining table, “but I’m not used to it. I never visited here a lot.”

“Hey Allie, why don’t you go with me sometime to one of the bars I found here?” he said. “If you go more places with me, you’ll really pick up on the downtown scene fast.”

“Okay!” she answered.


Then, remembering awkwardly that I was also in the same room, Allie and Major both looked at me. Clearly not wanting to make things weird, Major sort of forced himself to invite me as well. “Hey, you can come too, Alisha.”

I felt really sad all of a sudden. I knew I shouldn’t probably go. But I just said, with my head down, “Yeah, sure!” I felt like an outcast again, but I very much wanted a chance to fit in with my roommates at this point. I know he was flirting with Allie still, as he had been since we all met. He probably really wanted a chance with her, and I would just be a bother. Then again, he’d probably just ignore me as usual and wouldn’t even know I’m there.

But, hmm, I thought, maybe he just was inviting her at first because they were already talking about Willow Creek? I knew it wasn’t likely, since I had been alienated by Major passively within our short time here. But, at the end of the week, I’d be going to the bar.


Almost a week later, I was getting nervous as the day went on. I had been home from work already for quite a while, with hardly anything to do but think about the night to come. Major was still at work, and Allie eventually came home.

She stayed home for a while, doing her own thing. As more time passed, I looked at the time and realized Major would be home pretty soon. At least within an hour and a half. A sickness sort of settled in my stomach, but I knew I shouldn’t be nervous. Literally nothing interesting would happen and I would direly wish the night to end out of pure boredom within the first two minutes I was there. I would just go home feeling unfulfilled and alienated and then just go to bed.

That’s when I heard the heavy thumps of someone running up the stairs, and my name being called. “Alisha!?”

It was Allie, of course. “Yeah?” I called.


She opened the door to our room. “Alisha, I can’t go to the club tonight. I’m going to go out and visit my parents for a bit. Something came up, but it’s no big deal. I’ll still be home later tonight. Just tell Major for me when he gets home, okay?”

Oh, no. No, no, no.

Well, what now? I thought, Should I make an excuse not to go too? Yeah, okay, no problem. I’ll do that. I couldn’t really picture me going to a club alone with Major. That would be so awkward. Okay, I’ll pretend to be sick. He can just go by himself! He’ll be fine.

I felt a little better.


I decided to sit at the table and read while I waited for Major to come home.

He walked through the door a little while after Allie was gone. I listened to him moving around the house. I waited for him to seek out Allie.


He poked his head in the dining room. “Oh hey. Where’s Allie at?” I fucking knew it.

“She’s taking care of something at her parents’ house,” I replied confidently.

“Oh.” He looked really uncomfortable. I could tell he himself was trying to find a way out of this. He didn’t know what to say. He wanted to let me down politely, of course. This is what people are like sometimes. They have no problem being jerks, they just don’t want to look like one. The hypocrisy in this one.

Then, to my least expectation, he said – awkward, forceful look on his face and all – “Do you uh, still want to go?”

“Sure!” I said nervously. Oh wow, great. That was not the plan at all. What kind of involuntary reaction was that?

“Okay, fine. I’ll go get ready,” he said blandly. I started to get extremely anxious again. Why, why, why did he have to pity me? It’s just so embarrassing. Ugh, I felt like such a loser.


We didn’t say much in the car except listen to music. That was pretty miserable.

We approached a two-story red brick building I remembering passing a lot throughout my life, but had never been inside.


Inside the bar, we sat at the bar stools. I asked for a water and he asked for a beer. Instead of me, he instantly started talking to the man (Death hehe) next to him. Got into a huge, engaging conversation. I was impressed with how well he knew how to just go with the flow with people. As if there were actually things to talk about with people.


After about one or two of his beers, he got up and did his own thing, flirting with tons of girls at the couches. And I was completely on my own, in the same damn spot, for the whole rest of the night… feeling like a miserable fool.

Then, as I was already looking down, I caught a glimpse of a twenty rolled up and peeking out of a man’s pocket. No wallet or anything, it was just by itself. I had such a strong urge to take it. It was right there, he wouldn’t even feel it leave his pocket!

I took it. I felt a rush of energy. A frozen deer in headlights for a couple of seconds, I came to the realization: I did it. And I got away with it.

It’s a shame that this was the only true excitement I got out of the whole entire night. But hey, now I’m 20 simoleons richer.


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