Season 1, Chapter 4


“…Well, good news then,” said Allie at breakfast, “We’re all pretty active people. The things we have in common already! We should all hit the gym sometime.”

I was pretty quiet at our morning conversations in general. We had been together for a couple of days already and were starting our jobs. I would be going to work early in the morning, like a normal person. The other two, they didn’t really have to be up yet, but they were anyway.


I caught glimpse of Major. A spoiled pretty boy, all he was. I was annoyed. I should just go home, I thought, in a semi-serious manner. Why let the events of being an outcast get even a chance to unfold? I knew my family would love to have me back home. I’d be working full-time and help support the bills. My mom’s not for the roommates, and Latisha would probably rather me be home now.

But I’d be far too disappointed to go back home. Just the look of my front door would hurt too much.

Thursday was, I think, the only day we all had off from work together. So we all followed through with the suggestion and traveled to the gym together.


I had been here before, of course. Not for a while, since my old house had a gym room. But I’ve lived in Willow Creek my whole life, unlike Major and I think Allie too, so I know just about everywhere.


So me and Allie immediately went to work. “Ooh I haven’t used one of those things in forever!!” she said excitedly, pointing towards some of the equipment.

I laughed nervously. “Yeah,” I said, “These things are pretty decent. I used to have one at my house. I’m going to use one too.”

The workout had me pretty refreshed and laser-focused – for a couple minutes anyway.


And then what would you know – Major wasn’t working out at all. He was just flirting with all the pretty girls working out. I rolled my eyes. Of course. Afterwards, I tried not to keep glancing over and watching him to see when he’d stop. But it would just make me feel better if he got on a gym set instead or did something else that wasn’t annoying, even if he just stood there looking through the window like someone who was really confused. Why can’t we all just go somewhere without him being so inappropriate?

Finally I got so annoyed I just decided to put him in his place.

I got up, anxiety coursing through my blood, and allowed as much anger as possible to be harnessed with what few seconds I had left.


I said his name – “Major!” – for probably the first time in my life. It felt weird, but I did. Major didn’t even greet me or anything. All he did was turn around and look at me with a blank stare, waiting for me to continue, which made me even more angry. “Could you possibly stop hitting on every single girl here and…” Quick, think! …and, stop hitting on every single girl here? Wait, I got it!! “and do what we all came here to do?”

He gave me a really weird look. It was this weird grimace suggesting I was a crazy person or something. He really didn’t even know what to say. “…Sorry?”

Feeling awkward, and because he didn’t say absolutely anything else, I just gave him an angry look and went back to working out. I spent the rest of the time dedicated to ignoring him.

After a good hour and a half, we went upstairs to the showers to get ready to go home. I was startled from behind me by Allie. She said, “What was that all about a little while ago, downstairs?”

“What?” Although, I knew she was referring to Major.

“You can’t tell Major not to flirt with girls at the gym! He’s an adult. I’m sorry it bothers you but I just want us all to get along here. I don’t want no drama or fighting. I’m not mad at you but you were wrong. He is only guilty of being an adult I just want us all to be friends if we’re living together.”


I didn’t say anything because I knew she was right. I sighed. I thought I was so right at first, but now I felt stupid. And flat out childish.

If I wanted things to work out here, I needed to go through some changing… and a lot of holding back.


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