Season 1, Chapter 3


I was almost dozing off laying on the couch when I heard the first car pull up. I listened quietly to make sure. When the door slammed, my heart started racing and anxiety settled in. I stood up, brushed myself off and tried to look as natural as possible, while staring from the corner of my eye at the bright sunlight pouring through the door.


I saw a blonde head and two tall legs – I knew instantly it was a girl before I turned around completely. Aaliyah Ramirez. “Hi!” we both nearly shouted to each other, feeling equally awkward.


“H-how are you?” I never once called her by her name. I wasn’t a very “personal” person.

“Good! Wow! This house looks bigger than I thought.”

“That’s what I said.” I smiled nervously. She set her suitcases on the ground. “Now we just have to wait for the one guy right?”


“Oh, yeah. Major, huh. What an odd name, right? Sounds like a dog name. I’m not judging him. It’s unique though! But I guess I shouldn’t be the one talking…” The girl was quite pretty; I couldn’t help but notice. The short, blonde hair, the glowing blue eyes, the white skin, looked all but perfect together. She was shapely like me, but she definitely had more going on with her chest than I did. “By the way,” she added, “Please, call me Allie.”


We decided then to make some grilled cheese sandwiches and have our first lunch together. Neither of us were very good yet, but they came out alright. We ate across from each other. She smiled at me. “I love your hair…” she said softly, “Such a rare color.”

“Thank you.”

“So where are you getting a job at?”

“Oh. Well, I was always really good at writing. So, I thought about trying out being a writer’s assistant and work my way up.”

“Oh, cool. I’m going to work at the sports academy, but I mean, my dream is to become a comedian. We’ll see what happens.”

“And Major is also going there, right?”

“To the sports academy? Yeah, he got hired there too. We work in different areas but we’ll probably carpool.” I was already a little sad, just hearing that. They’re probably going to end up being so close, and I’ll just be the third wheel.


Speaking of Major, we happened to notice he just wasn’t showing up. Time went on and on, and he still wasn’t here yet. We started to get worried, wondering if something happened to him. I mean, even though we never met him yet, it’s still kind of our problem.

“Should we call the police?” Allie asked.

“Uhhhh…” There was a long pause. “I mean, maybe, if he’s not here by tomorrow morning…”

Suddenly, we saw a bright car light flash in the two front windows. Allie gasped and jumped up. “Oh shit dude, is that him?” We waited silently. My heart started pounding and anxiety raced through my veins again.


I let Allie do all of the greeting when a young man walked in, dark-skinned and tall, slim and otherwise pretty average-looking. He was slightly attractive, but not jaw-dropping. I simply put on a forced smile the entire time and waved.

Already, Allie was at it. “Where were you!? You had us so worried!!”

“Eh, well, she,” I pointed, “uh, she had you worried. I mean you had—“ Ouch. I was really awkward and bad at conversations. But no one was paying attention to me anyway. As soon as someone else starts speaking, everyone always turns away from me and listens to them instead. Aggravating.

“We were gonna call the police!”


“Sorry gals,” he answered, “I was just checking out the scene of the town. I was bar-hopping all day long. You have to understand, I’m a people-person.” He smiled at Allie. “I was checking out the girls mostly, not gonna lie.” Hm, I was busy thinking, Well maybe he’s more attractive than I first interpreted…

Major leaned against the wall and looked straight at Allie. “But there’s a pretty girl or two right here at my own house, wouldn’t ya know…”

It felt like all my weight dropped on me. I felt heavy. Sort of surprised too, and definitely appalled. What did this mean? He was looking straight at her saying this. He took maybe one glance at me and not a second one ever again. So then, he was flirting with Allie. I felt suddenly really unpretty. And how fucking rude. He just got here.


I stayed and listened to the long, boring, bullshit conversations they had, occasionally being inclusive in order to pretend that I care. I wanted to be as polite as possible and not just run off to my room immediately. It really was much longer than it should have been though, in my mind anyway, and I was getting tired by the time I found it socially acceptable to leave the conversation.

Definitely, I was the first to walk upstairs — alone!! — and willingly crawl into bed.


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